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A/N: Here is the wedding part hope you enjoy it.
Two months later
Rainbow Dash’s POV
Today is the big day. I’m a little nervous but I shouldn't be nervous. Amy, Sticks, and Rarity helped me put my dress on.  When I looked at myself in the mirror. ‘I hope nothing goes wrong today’ I thought to myself. “Ok Rainbow just don’t freeze up during the ceremony,” Amy said.

Third Person POV
Sonic was at the altar with Rainbow Dash’s friends, Amy, Sticks, Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles.
Sonic: I’m a little nervous guys.
Tails: Don’t worry everything will be fine.
*Here comes the Bride starts playing*
*After the announcement and their vows*
Priest: Sonic do you take Rainbow Dash as your lawfully wedded wife?
Sonic: I do.
Priest: Rainbow Dash do you take Sonic as your lawfully wedded husband?
Rainbow Dash: I do.
Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.
Sonic and Rainbow Dash kiss and everyone claps. Everyone went to the after party had a slice of cake. Sonic and Rainbow Dash start to dance.
Sonic: I will always love you no matter what.
Rainbow Dash: Same here Sonic.

Sonic’s POV
Dash and I went to go on our honeymoon. When we got to the hotel we got in the bed (A/N: You know what happened next but I’m not going to write it down until I turn 17). When I woke up I saw that I was on top of Dash (8O). I mentally freaked out. ‘I hope I packed a condom,’ I thought to myself. I looked in my bag and I mentally hit my forehead. ‘Crap I can’t believe I forgot. I’m such an idiot to not pack a condom,” I thought.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
I woke up feeling sick two days later. I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. Sonic got me a glass of water so I can get the taste from my mouth. I looked at Sonic and he looked at me. “Sonic I think I might be pregnant,” I said. Sonic had on this face that I’ve seen before I know he was thinking that it was his fault. “Sonic it’s not your fault,” I said. He looked at me and he gave me a hug.

A/N: I know it's short but I got it done.
A/N: Hey guys here is the 9th part now I know I said that the wedding would be on this part but the wedding will wait till the 10th part.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
I was just getting things ready for lunch until I got a call from Amy. She wanted me to come over to her house to help her make cupcakes. I left a note for Sonic so he will know where I’m at. When I got to her house I didn’t see Amy. When I got inside her house the light’s were off. “Amy are you home?” I asked. Then something knocked me out cold. When I woke up I was pinned down to a torture table. I looked around and saw Amy, but her eyes look different. “Amy what’s going on?” I asked her. I saw her pull out a knife. “AMY NO DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE!” I cried. Then I saw Sonic barge in the room with my brother. Shadow pinned Amy down while Sonic untied me then pulled me into a hug and I cried in the crook of Sonic’s neck.

Amy’s POV
When I was out of my trance I saw Sonic untie Rainbow Dash and Shadow held me down on the floor. I looked at my hand and saw a knife in my own hand. That's when I realized that Eggman hypnotised me to kill Rainbow Dash. When Shadow got off of me and I saw Sonic pull Dash into a hug. “Rainbow Dash I wasn’t really trying to kill you Eggman hypnotised me to kill you,” I said. She looked at me and nodded that she understood.

Sonic’s POV
I know Amy wouldn’t kill Rainbow Dash after everything happened me and Dash planned the wedding. Rainbow Dash wanted Amy to be her maid of honor while Sticks would be the Bridesmaid. I couldn’t choose in between Tails or Knuckles to be best man so they both are best man. Dash invited all of her friends to the wedding even the two princesses from her world. I went home so Dash can talk to her friends alone because she hasn’t seen them in a long time.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
When all of my friends from Equestria even Sweetie Bell, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and the princesses from Canterlot came to my house I talked to them until Rarity noticed the ring on my finger. “Rainbow Dash what’s that on your finger?” she asked. “Ok the reason I called you all here is because- I’m engaged!” I shouted a bit. And everypony went crazy. “Ok so who’s the maid of honor? We understand if you chose one of the friends you made being your maid of honor,” Fluttershy told me. “Well I want the rest of you girls to be my bridesmaids, Princess Celestia can host the ceremony, Twilight can make sure everything is in order, Fluttershy can have her songbird quier sing, Rarity can make the dresses, Applejack can make the cake, Pinkie Pie can host the dinner party, and both Princess Luna and Spike can help out with any job they want,” I said and I made sure with Sonic first before giving my friends the things they can do for the wedding. “And of course the CMC can be the flower girls,” I said. Everyone agreed to what they can do to help out for the wedding.

Sonic’s POV
I went back over to Rainbow’s house to meet her friends. When I got there I saw everyone sitting down. “Hey,” I said. “Oh hey Sonic. Um girls this is Sonic my fiance,” Dash said is a friendly voice. “Hi it’s nice to finally meet you guys,” I said. “Well we better get started on the preparations for the wedding,” said a purple girl with wings and a horn. “Yes you are right Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said. “Dash would your friends like to introduce themselves?” I asked. I already know that the purple one is named Twilight. “Hi my name is Pinkie Pie,” said the pink girl with crazy hair said. After all of her friends introduced themselves Dash told her friends that they could stay is they want until the wedding is over.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
We decided to have the wedding a month or two to give Rarity enough time to make the dresses. Everybody/pony went to bed Sonic decided to stay over for the night and we both went to sleep together. We slept through the whole night very happy.

A/N: I know this part is short but don’t worry part 10 will be here soon.
A/N: This one is going to have a flashback from the 6th part.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
After the bomb went of I could hear Sonic’s calls, but I was to weak to move. I then saw the silhouette shadow of someone but my vision went black. When I opened my eyes I saw that I was in my house and sitting next to me was my brother. I coughed and he looked at me and smiled. “You going to be ok?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said. I then got up put on my disguise and went to the courthouse. I got inside the courthouse and everyone looked at me. I saw Sonic and he looked like he was crying. I walked up to the judge while everyone's eyes were on me. “Our dear violinist you are covered in scars and bruises,” the judge said. I sighed and took of my hood. Everybody gasped. “Yeah I know that,” I said.
End of flashback

I woke up and saw Sonic laying next to me. I smile and climbed out of bed. I went to the kitchen and started to make breakfast. Then the song iTwerk (She Twerk) by 99 percent came on the radio. The song was so catchy I couldn’t help but dance. When I finished making breakfast I was just about to go and wake up Sonic when someone came up from behind me picked me up bridal style which startled me. “Hey there Dash,” I heard Sonic say. I laughed. “Sonic you scared me,” I still laughed. I thought of a way to get him back. After we got done eating Sonic sat down on the couch and waited for me, but I had an air horn with me. I turned off the lights. “Hey what the heck is going on?” I heard Sonic say. I shook up the air horn and pressed the button on the top and scared Sonic. I turned the lights back on while laughing.

Sonic’s POV
I guess I deserved that. Dash got me good I laughed too because well it was funny. When we stopped laughing Dash sat down next to me. I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. We started to lean into each other until the gap in between us was gone. I licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance. soon as she parted her lips I deepened the kiss by sliding my tongue into her mouth. I felt her try to pull apart but I only pulled her closer. When I felt her breath hitch I pulled away and looked at her. She had her head on my shoulder. “Ok well if you need me I will be retrieving my surfboard,” she said.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
I went to where I left my surfboard and got everything that was left behind. When I got all of my things back I went back home. I had a feeling that today is going to be a great day.

Sonic’s POV
I’m going to propose to Rainbow Dash. I had a princess cut ring. My friends helped me set up everything. My friends hid in the hallway. Dash came back inside. “Sonic what’s going on?” she asked. “Dash there’s something I want to tell you,” I said. “What is it?” she asked. “Well we have been dating for quite awhile now. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What I’m trying to say is,” I said while walking up to her. I got down on one knee pulled out the box and opened it while saying. “Will you marry me?” I looked at her and she said. “Yes!” I put the ring on her finger and pulled her in for another kiss.
My friends came out of the closet cheering. Amy and Sticks walked up to her and gave her a hug. “Congratulations!” Amy yelled.

Rainbow Dash’s POV
Today is the most happiest day of my life. I wonder what my brother will think of the engagement. I don’t need to worry I mean Shadow trusts Sonic. Things for me just got a whole lot better.

A/N: I know really short and maybe cheesy but I got it done now. I’m so sorry for the long wait but yeah stay tuned for part 9 I will try to get it done AS SOON AS I POSSIBLY CAN! Ok. Good until next time dear Sondash Fans. If you want to see twerking just go to this link and pretend that Rainbow Dash is the one twerking.…

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