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My Cutie Mark For My Little Pony :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Gravity Falls: Ford's Nightmare MLP Version :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0
Sondash Boom: Friend to Girlfriend to Wife part 11
A/N: Hey guys here is the part that takes place after Sonic and Rainbow Dash’s honeymoon.
Rainbow Dash’s POV
Me and Sonic started to pack things up. I took a pregnancy test just to make sure that I was pregnant or not and it came out positive. When we got back all of our friends cheered for the both of us. “Guys there’s something we need to tell you,” Sonic said. We entered both mine and Sonic’s house. We all sat down. I was about to say something when Amy interrupted me when she saw the look on my face. “Oh My Gosh you’re pregnant,” she said. I nodded.  “We're going to be Uncle's!” Tails and Knuckles said at the same time which made me and Sonic smile. I looked at Sonic and told him I was going to call my brother he told me ok. I went outside and I called Shadow. “Hello?” he said “Hey bro, so guess what,” I said. “What what's going on?” he asked. I took a deep breath. “You'
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Rainbow Dash in the night :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Picture belongs to Kisamex401 on Wattpad #3 :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 0 0 Picture belongs to Kisamex401 on Wattpad #2 :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 2 0 Picture belongs to Kisamex401 on Wattpad :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Older Me in Gravity Falls :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Me in Gravity Falls :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Princess Isabella Rose Buck :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 0 0 Killmare Rose :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 1 0 Flippy x Isabella(me) :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 0 0 Sondash Couple 5 :iconisabellarosebuck:IsabellaRoseBuck 4 0
Sondash Boom: Friend to Girlfriend to Wife Part 10
A/N: Here is the wedding part hope you enjoy it.
Two months later
Rainbow Dash’s POV
Today is the big day. I’m a little nervous but I shouldn't be nervous. Amy, Sticks, and Rarity helped me put my dress on.  When I looked at myself in the mirror. ‘I hope nothing goes wrong today’ I thought to myself. “Ok Rainbow just don’t freeze up during the ceremony,” Amy said.
Third Person POV
Sonic was at the altar with Rainbow Dash’s friends, Amy, Sticks, Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles.
Sonic: I’m a little nervous guys.
Tails: Don’t worry everything will be fine.
*Here comes the Bride starts playing*
*After the announcement and their vows*
Priest: Sonic do you take Rainbow Dash as your lawfully wedded wife?
Sonic: I do.
Priest: Rainbow Dash do you take Sonic as your lawfully wedded husband?
Rainbow Dash: I do.
Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.
Sonic and Rainbow Dash kiss and everyone claps. Everyone w
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Sondash Boom: Friend to Girlfriend to Wife Part 9
A/N: Hey guys here is the 9th part now I know I said that the wedding would be on this part but the wedding will wait till the 10th part.
Rainbow Dash’s POV
I was just getting things ready for lunch until I got a call from Amy. She wanted me to come over to her house to help her make cupcakes. I left a note for Sonic so he will know where I’m at. When I got to her house I didn’t see Amy. When I got inside her house the light’s were off. “Amy are you home?” I asked. Then something knocked me out cold. When I woke up I was pinned down to a torture table. I looked around and saw Amy, but her eyes look different. “Amy what’s going on?” I asked her. I saw her pull out a knife. “AMY NO DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE!” I cried. Then I saw Sonic barge in the room with my brother. Shadow pinned Amy down while Sonic untied me then pulled me into a hug and I cried in the crook of Sonic’s neck.
Amy’s POV
When I was out of m
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Sondash Boom: Friend To Girlfriend to Wife Part 8
A/N: This one is going to have a flashback from the 6th part.
Rainbow Dash’s POV
After the bomb went of I could hear Sonic’s calls, but I was to weak to move. I then saw the silhouette shadow of someone but my vision went black. When I opened my eyes I saw that I was in my house and sitting next to me was my brother. I coughed and he looked at me and smiled. “You going to be ok?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said. I then got up put on my disguise and went to the courthouse. I got inside the courthouse and everyone looked at me. I saw Sonic and he looked like he was crying. I walked up to the judge while everyone's eyes were on me. “Our dear violinist you are covered in scars and bruises,” the judge said. I sighed and took of my hood. Everybody gasped. “Yeah I know that,” I said.
End of flashback
I woke up and saw Sonic laying next to me. I smile and climbed out of bed. I went to the kitchen and started to make breakfast. Then
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Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader: My Jedi
Running. That's all you knew. Ever since you could remember you had been running. You were an orphan living on the streets of Corresaunt. At least, you assumed you were an orphan, you couldn't remember any of your past, just waking up in an ally one night, scared, cold, and alone. You had been running ever since, although the pursuers and the reasons varied. And right now, you were running from some thugs who wanted to beat you up. You ran into an alley to try and get away, but it was a dead end. You turned around to run back out, but the thugs were blocking the entrance. You backed up against the wall, and they closed in around you. You closed your eyes. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this...
You raised your hands and concentrated. Suddenly the thugs were thrown against the wall. You opened your eyes, and ran out of the alley. You ducked into a crowd of people, and waited until the thugs ran past. Once you were sure they were gone, you started walking to your "home". It was actual
:icondolphin05:Dolphin05 35 0
The Unwanted Prophet - (Obi-Wan x Reader)
You walked down the large corridors of the council, admiring the cleanness of the building. You wasn't meant to go wondering off - Obi-wan’s orders, but right now? You didn't give a crap. Your mind was too focused on this Anakin Skywalker that was meant to balance out the force, you didn’t like the idea at all. When you looked at him you got a gut feeling in your stomach that made you want to puke; it once did actually.
You where only a Padawan, but that didn't matter. You where outspoken and you commonly shared your opinion when the other masters shot it down, just because you’re a jedi-in-training doesn't mean you have to be silence about your own opinion; probably why most of them disliked you and give you the look of “whatever you’re about to do, don’t”. 
"Y/N! Get back here now" Obi-wan ordered as you were near the large doors almost out to witness the suns setting. You sighed and shrugged it off, you continued to walk and yo
:iconsherlockcanshernot:sherlockcanshernot 129 22
Distraction- Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader
   “No, more like this [f/n], try and copy my movements. We’ll start slowly, all right?”
   You sighed and straightened, arching your back to give the sore muscles a stretch before dropping back down into the proper position, doing your best to mirror your instructor, holding your training lightsaber close to your body. The instrument hummed with power, pulsing with a soft blue light as you slowly progressed through the footwork for the series you were having difficulty with.
   “Good, you’re doing well, keep going,” Obi-Wan Kenobi encouraged, watching your movements with a practised eye. “Now for the leap.”
   You nodded, increasing your speed before ducking to the side, slashing out with your lightsaber and rolling to the side, tucking your legs close to your body before pushing off from the floor in a flurry of movement. You sailed upwards, your power aided by the Force as you kicked off the wall
:iconsupernova750:Supernova750 148 9
Mistakes (Obi-Wan x Reader)
This fanfic took me like 3 weeks to make. Just before school started I watched The Phantom Menace again. It was then I realized that I was in love with Obi-Wan Kenobi. I mean, in the original series he was one of my favourite characters, but he was a crusty old guy then, haha. But in the prequels... man! (Ewan McGregor, guys. He's a gift.) Anyway, I wanted to write a fanfiction about him, and while writing it I came across so many writers blocks and during that time I couldn't even come up with a name for the reader's master. So, that's where you guys come in. (M/N) literally means (Mater's Name). You get to make it up. It makes my job a little easier, and gives you a chance to get a little creative. (Y/N) is the standard (Your Name) as usual. I hope you enjoy!))

Strolling into the Jedi temple, materials in hand, you decided that you were going to construct your very own Lightsaber. You had one while you were still in training as a child, but you had lost yours
:iconwulferious:Wulferious 204 28
Your Jedi Part 1 (Obi-Wan x Reader)
You were always alone. Growing up with a step-brother, and an adoptive parents, you were never excepted. Normally since you were the only girl in the family, your brother would tease you because you weren't a male in the family. Naboo is normally a planet of piece and dignity, but everyone deemed you worthless. Nothing of worth, and just a servant, all your family called you. Of course, you thought it was true... They had been your family! What they said you certainly thought was correct, and fell upon that to yourself. The mother (f/n), always understood what you were going through, but when she passed away when you were (age), you were criticized and mocked by your brother and father. Not like you cared anyway, besides, you never understood what
:iconxwhoviansunitedx:xWhoviansUnitedx 16 3
Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader
Obi-Wan Kenobi, your best and closest friend of all of the Jedi wasn’t with you. At twenty-five years of age, he was older by about five years. He had left on an mission days ago with his Master Qui-Gon Jinn in order to settle a dispute between the Trade Federation and the planet of Naboo, but you sensed it was something bigger. There’s a blockade with battleships around the peaceful planet. Beautiful too, the planet, not the blockade.
Wondering through the halls of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with no straight destination in mind, you pause. You sense a familiar presence within the Force, much closer, on the same planet now. Obi-Wan returned with his Master and an unfamiliar young presence that surged with Force sensitivity.
You reached out in the Force to Obi-Wan and after a short moment he did the same to you. Letting yourself smile, you continued your way through the Temple.
Late in the afternoon, you still didn’t get a chance to see Obi-Wan. He and his Master wer
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 175 38
Knightfall - Bruce Wayne x Reader
A/N: Spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight. It basically spoils the end of the game. If you decide to keep reading, I really hope you guys enjoy! c:
    There was finally silence after everything had happened tonight. You were sitting on the hood of your car, staring up at the sky above. The stars calming you for what was to come. You never doubted that Bruce could do it all. He managed to fix everything in just one night. You were so proud of him but now the whole world knew who he was. Bruce had called you about twenty minutes ago. He wanted to talk. This wasn't going to be good. You played with your car keys, waiting for him to arrive. 
    The roar of the batmobile signaled his arrival. You sighed lightly, turning in his direction. He jumped out of the batmobile, he still had his bat suit on. You didn't want Batman here, you wanted your Bruce. You climbed off your car and walked over to Bruce. He took his mask off and you got to get a look at his bruise
:iconlatte-to-go:latte-to-go 181 38
My Light: Jack FrostXGuardian Reader Chapter I
"Sis, I'm getting kinda scared," the young boy said to his older sister, clinging the hem of her coat tightly.
"Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of."
(y/n) and her brother, (b/n), had been out all day, running errands and then iceskating at a large pond located in the middle of the forest till the evening. It grew dark and (y/n) was smart enough to bring along a flashlight.
"Here, with this, you have no reason to be afraid of the dark," she said, turning the flash light on, lighting their path.
(y/n) was a bright, young girl who always thought positively. Her (h/l) (h/c) was shiny and silky to the touch, her (e/c) eyes shined with such radiance. Today she had clothed herself with a normal shirt and jeans, over that she had a (f/c), thick coat, a blue scarf was wrapped around her neck, and a pair of boots on her feet. Her brother was carrying their skates, with one hand, and holding on to her with the other.
"But sis, I'm still scared," he said, huddling close to her as they wa
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 423 41


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My Cutie Mark For My Little Pony
I made this myself I used pictures from google to show my personality.
I like Assassin's Creed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Supernatural, Art, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Star Wars, ect.
Gravity Falls: Ford's Nightmare MLP Version
Stanford Filbrick Pines x Isabella(Me)
I'm an Alicorn Princess in this picture I'm going to update the one where my cutie mark is a rose to the one I made.
If you like this feel free to make a picture of your own don't ask permission but please send me a link of yours so I can see what it looks like. 
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Hey everyone if you have a Wattpad account then you can check out my other stories that I've got that I will put on here later on.

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